The Digital Portfolio of Ed Kroupa

Ed Kroupa's artwork spans a variety of mediums and subjects. His interest range from wildlife to figurative. Each piece reflects a commitment to capturing details but without losing the unique character and personality of the subject. Ed Kroupa's artwork can be found in collections across the United States and abroad.

In addition to creating original works of art, Ed is skilled in a variety of technical production disciplines, including knowledge of fiberglass, vacuum forming, casting plaster and resins. He has professional experience in the creation of props, signage, displays and special effects for the entertainment industry. His collaborative commercial works are prominently displayed in a number of international locations, including Disney theme parks. Much of Ed's technical production training was received during the five years he worked for EB Effects in Washington State.

Ed also has a extensive fine art foundry background which includes being a master mold maker, commercial sculptor, an expert at enlargements and all aspects of the lost wax casting process. He was the lead mold-maker and the department head of the wax room at the Bronze Works for ten years. Currently he has his own studio and foundry, Two Ravens Studio in Tacoma WA.


• Conceptualizes and designs artwork for commissions,
gallery works and architectural elements
• Provides and conducts solutions for resolving design/fabrication
issues from inception to finished product
• Regularly creates bids and budgets as part of production management
for public and private art projects
• Liaison for developing art projects with art planners, architects,
engineers, organizations and public agencies
• Experienced in creating proposals, presentations, research, and development
• Implements feedback into designs from community outreach
• Trained as a CAD operator and board draftsman


2018 “Endless Exploration” public art project: local woodland animal reliefs on bronze rock formations, Mullan Road Elementary, Spokane, WA

2015 “Floating Life Forms” public art project: six bronze sea life sculptures on stylized marine buoy balls, Thea Foss Waterway Esplanade, Tacoma, WA

2014 “Surgical Portraits” public art project: five concrete reliefs of notable local surgeons for Multi Care Hospital, Tacoma, WA

2011 “Life” temporary art installation based on molecular building blocks of life, Garfield Gulch Trailhead area, Tacoma, WA


2016 Doug Granum, artistic creative director • “The Beloved Ivan” Monument • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Tacoma, WA • Public art project. Responsible for the fabrication and designed the internal support structure for a 3D printed, direct cast life size gorilla sculpture in conjunction with the creative director.

2012 Etsuko Ichikawa, lead artist • ArtsWA project for Fredrickson Elementary School • Puyallup, WA “Spectrum of Light,” public art sculpture. Fulfilled artist’s production requirements, addressed material issues, supervised engineering of hanging structures, oversaw resin ball fabrication and coordinated onsite installation with the lead artist.

1997 EB Effects Company • Signage Sculptures • Disney’s Animal Kingdom • Orlando, FL. Served as the lead artist for fabrication based on designs created with Disney. As stipulated by structural engineers, the Giraffe and Toucan signs warranted special requirements to accommodate hurricane-force winds.


November 2008 to Present
Artist and Owner of Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry · Tacoma, WA

• Designs commissions for solo and collaborative works
• Supervises art studio staff and subcontractors on all aspects of art fabrication
and foundry production
• Works with artists from a wide range of backgrounds and in a variety of media
• Creates production molds for casting in ceramic, resins, concrete and various metals
• Assists with welding and fabrication work as well as the installation
of finished artworks
• Familiar with many technical production disciplines, including knowledge of fiberglass, vacuum-forming, casting plaster and a diverse assortment of resins

November 2001 to January 2010
Department Head of Mold-Making/ Wax Room of the Bronze Works · Tacoma, WA

• Fabricated artwork from various organic and inorganic materials
• Created enlargements for public and private art projects
• Managed bids on all mold and wax-chasing projects
• Responsible for artisan team and training under the wax department
• Oversaw and carried out all stages of the mold-making process
• Proficient at all steps of the lost wax bronze-casting method

1995 to 2001
Lead Artisan at EB Effects Inc. · Shelton, WA

• Constructed models, props, displays and signage for the
commercial/entertainment industry
• Effected technical and practical problem-solving with art directors and designers
• Aided in the design, production and installation of amusement ride sets and props


2017 A Night of Art & Wine, Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA
2017 Meet the Makers Popup, Matter/Mika Gallery, Tacoma WA
2016 EVOLUTION: Art, Science & Adaptation, Public Art Exhibition,
Seymour Botanical Conservatory at Wright Park, Tacoma WA
2014 Rotating Works, Creative Forces Gift Gallery at Hotel Murano,
Tacoma, WA
2011 MAE Group Show, Madera Art Gallery, Tacoma, WA
2010 Sculpture Show, Art At Work Tour, Two Ravens Studio, Tacoma, WA
2009 Juried Show, three-dimensional works, Proctor Arts Festival, Tacoma, WA
2007 Group Sculpture Show, The Works Gallery, Bronze Works, Tacoma, WA


2015 “Peeping Tom” (edition #7/20) Creative Forces Gallery,
Tacoma WA, gallery sale
2014 Bill Ayer, Seattle, WA, “Sea Jelly” (one of a kind)
private commission by PSE
2013 Amanda Kroening, Hartford, WI, “Peeping Tom” (edition #6/20)
private sale
2010 Amanda Amend, Whidbey Island, WA, “Peeping Tom” (edition #5/20)
private sale
2009 Katrina Toft, Tacoma, WA, “El Pulpo” (one-of-a-kind) private sale
2008 John Kessing, Olympia, WA, “Peeping Tom” (edition #4/20) private sale
2008 Frank Brekenridge, Olympia, WA, “Peeping Tom” (edition #3/20)
private sale
2007 Liza Clinton, Kent, England, “Peeping Tom” (edition #2/20)
Bronze Works Gallery, Tacoma WA
2005 Arlene Wright, Seattle, WA, “Gnome Doors” private commission


PA:ID Program – Selected by the City of Tacoma in 2011 to participate in the public arts training program. Awarded the commission to create a public art piece for the Thea Foss Waterway and Esplanade Building


To see a video excerpt of the creation process for the public art piece “Floating Life Forms” Please go to https://vimeo.com/143560547 to view. Total run time is 2.52 minutes.
Custom resin cast for a classic car, steering wheel center ring.

July 27, 2017+br850+br479+br1

Detail, Custom resin cast for a classic car, steering wheel center ring.

July 27, 2017+br850+br479+br2

Car Part. Custom Turn signal Lens Tined urethane casting from a platinum silicone mold.

July 27, 2017+br396+br396+br3

Museum Reproduction of an Egyptian Hieroglyphic. Scenic painted resin, wax cast and plaster cast from a tin silicone dump mold.

July 27, 2017+br680+br680+br4

Detail of 1700 lb resin crystal skull and snake, made while working at EB Effects.

July 27, 2017+br397+br582+br5

1700 lb resin crystal skull and snake, installed at theme park, made while working at EB Effects.

July 27, 2017+br604+br453+br6

Resin crystals for theme park ride, cave section, in conjunction with EB Effects project for a theme park.

July 27, 2017+br398+br255+br7

Detail of resin crystals for theme park ride, cave section, in conjunction with EB Effects project for a theme park.

July 27, 2017+br850+br618+br8

Toucan theme park signage, made while working at EB Effects project for Orlando Florida theme park.

July 27, 2017+br567+br680+br9

Giraffe theme park signage, made while working at EB Effects project for Orlando Florida theme park

July 27, 2017+br850+br660+br10

Fiberglass prop armor, made while working at EB Effects project for Orlando Florida theme park.

July 27, 2017+br394+br311+br11

CRAB FIGHT, dimensions variable. Cast bronze. Meet the Makers Show, Minka Gallery, Tacoma, WA, 2017

July 27, 2017+br510+br680+br12

Detail from CRAB FIGHT, Meet the Makers Show, Minka Gallery, Tacoma, WA, 2017

July 27, 2017+br850+br637+br13

CRAB WINE HOLDER, 13 x 5 x 3 inches. Cast bronze. Open Edition. Shared Housing Services Art Auction Fundraiser, at the Hotel Murano, Tacoma WA.

July 27, 2017+br609+br680+br14

LARGE CRABS and STARFISH, 13 x 5 x 3 AND 3 X 3 X .5 inches. Cast bronze.

July 27, 2017+br656+br680+br15

SMALL CRABS, cast bronze. 5 x 3 x 2 inches. Shown here with small bronze jewelry box, GOODNIGHT BOX by Nichole Rathburn.

July 27, 2017+br781+br680+br16

EL PULPO, 5 x 4 x 3 inches. One-of-a-kind, bronze octopus, mounted on a black granite base. Created directly in wax. All casting, metal work and patina done by Ed.

July 27, 2017+br684+br680+br17

PEEPING TOM, front view. 11 x 5 x 3 inches. Bronze tree frog sculpture, limited edition. Mounted on white granite. Designed to hang on a wall corner.

July 27, 2017+br677+br680+br18

PEEPING TOM, back view.

July 27, 2017+br664+br680+br19

REACHING OUT FROM THE DARKNESS.13 x 8 x 6 inches. Bronze on black granite. An organic sculpture reminiscent of deep sea creatures.

July 27, 2017+br620+br680+br20

RIPPLE. 15 x 13 x 2 inches. Clear resin frame with hand carved and cast bronze rock.

July 27, 2017+br557+br680+br21

Detail of RIPPLE created in the resin casting.

July 27, 2017+br510+br680+br22

INNER PICASSO, front view.10.5 x 6 x 6 inches. Bronze on granite base. Plays on the idea that there is a little artist in all of us.

July 27, 2017+br667+br680+br23

INNER PICASSO, back view.

July 27, 2017+br668+br680+br24

MINIATURE MINING CAMP set pieces. Dimensions variable. Mixed media.

July 27, 2017+br850+br506+br25

Detail of MINIATURE MINING CAMP set pieces.

July 27, 2017+br850+br605+br26

DOLPHIN. Plasteline Clay. 1 x 13 x 5 inches. A study for a dolphin sculpture playing around a coral reef.

July 27, 2017+br680+br680+br27

ENVISION, Prairie Line Trail, UW campus Tacoma WA, temporary group art project in conjunction with Diane Hansen and Jeremy Gregory. Also pictured Thoughtbarn.

July 27, 2017+br680+br680+br28

ENVISION, interior walkway, Ed helped design and create, 5 wooden, hand-lettered signs with Diane Hansen and Jeremy Gregory.

July 27, 2017+br680+br680+br29

ENVISION, exterior walkway, night view. Depicts Lincoln's vision of a bicoastal railway.

July 27, 2017+br680+br680+br30

RAPTURE OF THE DEEP, Clay, by Ed Kroupa and Frank Breckenridge. Depicts a deep-sea diver with oxygen narcosis.

July 30, 2017+br517+br680+br31

RAPTURE OF THE DEEP, Clay, by Ed Kroupa and Frank Breckenridge. Depicts a deep-sea diver with oxygen narcosis.

July 30, 2017+br496+br680+br32


July 27, 2017+br427+br576+br33

After, PIRATE BOOTY CHAIR, by Ed Kroupa and Katrina Toft

July 27, 2017+br279+br507+br34


July 27, 2017+br343+br546+br35


July 27, 2017+br576+br386+br36


July 27, 2017+br288+br305+br37

PIRATE BOOTY CHAIR for Northwest Furniture Bank's Chair Affair art auction, by Ed Kroupa and Katrina Toft

July 27, 2017+br576+br386+br38

ROOSTER STAMP, clay process for glass stamp, Chinese Astrological Sign 2016

July 29, 2017+br610+br680+br39

ROOSTER STAMP, glass. For Monkeyshines Chinese New Year project, Tacoma, WA

July 29, 2017+br374+br497+br40

ROOSTER STAMP, glass. For Monkeyshines Chinese New Year project, Tacoma, WA

July 29, 2017+br527+br680+br41

DOCK AWARD for Bellingham Marine. Award design given to outstanding employees of Bellingham Marine.

July 29, 2017+br510+br680+br42

Side view DOCK AWARD, bronze, for Bellingham Marine.

July 29, 2017+br510+br680+br43

SEA JELLY, retirement gift for a PSE board member. Reimagined machinery as sea life.

July 29, 2017+br421+br680+br44

VIEWING RING, Commissioned by PSE as a retirement gift. Symbolizes viewing both the past and future.

July 29, 2017+br494+br680+br45

BOOTS TO BOOKS. Bronze monument for Centralia College, honoring veterans returning to college.

July 28, 2017+br558+br680+br46

WAX BEE candle design for Heavenly Honey Farm

July 28, 2017+br455+br680+br47

CUPCAKE SIGN, A bronze cupcake sign, designed for The Cupcake Tree Bakery in Santa Clarita, CA. The oversized bronze cupcake relief includes the shop's logo

July 28, 2017+br680+br680+br48

GNOME DOOR. Artwork was intended as a garden accent point to an otherwise common tree stump and to encourage the presence of small imaginary creatures

July 28, 2017+br681+br680+br49

Detail of the three cast bronze sections that comprise the GNOME DOOR

July 28, 2017+br804+br680+br50

CACTOPI. Wright Park Conservatory, Metro Parks, Tacoma, WA. Part of a public art exhibit called Evolution and Mutation.

July 30, 2017+br850+br569+br51

In process CACTOPI, foam, latex, wood

July 30, 2017+br850+br569+br52

CACTOPI. The artist envisioned an octopus adapting to climate change, taking on characteristics of a cactus

July 30, 2017+br850+br569+br53

FLOCK OF HORSEFLIES. Hippoanisopterias flying in formation. Part of temporary art exhibit Evolution and Mutation, Wright Park Conservatory, Metro Parks, Tacoma, WA

July 30, 2017+br850+br581+br54

HORSEFLY. Foam, latex, wire, mylar. The artist envisioned seahorses developing wings like dragonflies in order to leave ocean acidification and find new habitats.

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br55

LIFE, temporary art installation. Bystanders were encouraged to participate by grouping balloon molecules. Project was designed to bring attention to a neglected urban trail area.

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br56

LIFE, elements separated. Colored oversized balloons lit with glow sticks are scattered in a field, representing the four basic molecules of life.

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br57

LIFE, elements come together. The molecules eventually all gathered together to form life. Garfield Gulch Trailhead, Tacoma WA.

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br58

CYCLEMATES. The piece was commissioned by former students to honor their teacher who lead various groups of middle school students on cross country cycling trips for over 20 years.

September 29, 2017+br776+br680+br59

ENDLESS EXPLORATION. Mullan Road Elementary School, Spokane WA. Concept sketch for ArtsWA.

August 1, 2017+br850+br528+br60

To the right of the school’s entrance is a miniature replica of the Eastern WA landmark known as the Bowl and Pitcher. Animal reliefs are hidden in the rock texture

August 1, 2017+br664+br680+br61

On the left is a series of boulders with reliefs. The sensory experience of the artwork is meant to encourage exploration and inspire a lifetime of learning about the natural world.

August 1, 2017+br850+br563+br62

FLOATING LIFE FORMS site drawings for the Thea Foss waterway Esplanade public art project

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br63

FLOATING LIFE FORMS. 2015. Thea Foss Waterway Esplanade, Tacoma, WA. Bronze . Sizes range from 46” for large ball to 21” for the smallest. Artwork is comprised of six, stylized marine buoy balls

July 30, 2017+br850+br578+br64

CRAB BALL. Artist donated extra time and materials to expand the scope of the project to have all six spheres cast in bronze.

August 1, 2017+br695+br680+br65

TENTACLE BALL The overall theme of the artwork reflects the interdependence of the manmade world and the natural world.

July 30, 2017+br850+br637+br66


July 30, 2017+br850+br566+br67


July 30, 2017+br455+br680+br68

Detail of SEAL, OTTER, KELP BALL. One of six sculptures comprising Floating Life Forms.

July 30, 2017+br850+br534+br69

SEAL, OTTER, KELP BALL. One of six sculptures comprising Floating Life Forms.

July 30, 2017+br495+br680+br70

Detail of SEAL, OTTER, KELP BALL. One of six sculptures comprising Floating Life Forms.

July 30, 2017+br850+br467+br71

Detail of SEAL, OTTER, KELP BALL. One of six sculptures comprising Floating Life Forms.

July 30, 2017+br850+br467+br72

Each sphere appears to exist solely on its own but in truth is dependent upon the others for survival in the larger scope of the Puget Sound

July 30, 2017+br850+br535+br73

FISH BALL. The sculptures’ tactile nature and approachability invites exploration by the public.

July 30, 2017+br850+br569+br74

Detail of FISH BALL

July 30, 2017+br510+br680+br75

This site-specific piece evolved through historical research, community outreach and studying the surrounding environment

July 30, 2017+br498+br680+br76

STARFISH BALL Each ball depicts interdependent, regional sea life.

July 30, 2017+br850+br528+br77


August 1, 2017+br510+br680+br78

SURGICAL PORTRAITS, 2014. 35” x 38”concrete. Rainier Tower, Multi Care Hospital, Tacoma, WA.

July 30, 2017+br850+br569+br79

DR. ROTH, one of a series of five exterior portrait reliefs of notable local surgeons.

July 30, 2017+br688+br680+br80

Clay originals, SURGICAL PORTRAITS, Ed also oversaw the concrete fabrication, design of signage and stands, and project install

July 30, 2017+br680+br680+br81

Ed worked closely with the hospital committee to sculpt the clay original portraits from historic references, hospital anecdotes and family photos

July 30, 2017+br755+br680+br82

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