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Ed Kroupa's artwork spans a variety of mediums and subjects. His interest range from wildlife to figurative. Each piece reflects a commitment to capturing details but without losing the unique character and personality of the subject. Ed Kroupa's artwork can be found in collections across the United States and abroad.

In addition to creating original works of art, Ed is skilled in a variety of technical production disciplines, including knowledge of fiberglass, vacuum forming, casting plaster and resins. He has professional experience in the creation of props, signage, displays and special effects for the entertainment industry. His collaborative commercial works are prominently displayed in a number of international locations, including Disney theme parks. Much of Ed's technical production training was received during the five years he worked for EB Effects in Washington State.

Ed also has a extensive fine art foundry background which includes being a mold maker, commercial sculptor, an expert at enlargements and all aspects of the lost wax casting process. He was the master mold-maker and the department head of the wax room at the Bronze Works for ten years. Currently he has his own studio and foundry, Two Ravens Studio in Tacoma WA.
Tree frog, bronze limited edition 11x5x3 inches

March 3, 2017+br680+br680+br1

Tree frog, bronze limited edition 11x5x3 inches

March 3, 2017+br680+br680+br2

1700 lb resin crystal skull and snake, EB Effects project for Disney theme park

March 3, 2017+br405+br594+br3

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