“Vintage Hats”

Two Ravens Studio completed a series of antique hat reproductions that were commissioned by Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings in Seattle WA.┬áTheir client, a large, national, upscale retailer visited their store on the hunt for some unusual decorative pieces. They fell in love with the 1930’s novelty hat sign, which used to hang in a hat shop in the Dominican Republic. They wanted to put several of them in their new stores and department store remodels, so Kirk Albert contacted Two Ravens for the job. The staff quickly went to work on making the mold and casting the hats in aluminum. The hardest part was making the rust look authentic and giving the surface the right aged paint finish to match the original and then do it eight times! Both Kirk Albert and their client were very happy and plan to have more hats made as well as other projects for their store.

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