Mr Balkema was a portrait commission project for the Weatherwax High School Class of ’55. The class decided to honor their beloved principal, Mr. Balkema who was head of the the school from 1923 to 1955. He was the longest tenured high school principal in the state of Washington and when he retire in 1955, he told the graduating class that he too was finally graduating high school. The class of 55 contacted Two Ravens Studio to do the bust of Mr Balkema after reviewing Michael Haney’s (foundry studio co-owner and fellow sculptor) portfolio. Michael says he enjoys the challenges of portraiture and the subtle dynamics of creating a likeness; in the case of Mr Balkima much of what he had to go by was small, grainy, yearbook pictures! You can see more of Michael Haney’s work here at winterhoof.com. Two Ravens Studio also provided the plaque that will go along with the principle’s memorial.

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