“The Mother of Lynden”

Phoebe Judson is considered to be the founding mother of Lynden,WA.  The Judsons were the first white settlers when the state was still just a territory. The Judsons home served as the town’s first post office, they started the first school and Holden Judson was the town’s first mayor.  To honor their contributions and pioneer spirit, local residents and the descendants of the Judson family commissioned artist Bob McDermott to create a memorial sculpture. Two Ravens Studio helped Bob mold and cast a bust of Phoebe, as funds are being raised for the life size figures. The project is funded by private donations and the statues will be placed in a public park near city hall. The bust of Phoebe is now ready to be viewed by the Phoebe Judson Heritage Committee. Holden Judson’s bust is soon to follow.

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