As an art foundry, Two Ravens Studio produces sculptures for artists working in stone, wood and clay and a variety of other mediums. Two Ravens Studio also creates original works of art for public display and private residences, as well as custom architectural fixtures. Our list of clients ranges from contemporary artists to corporations, museums and designers. We cast in bronze, aluminum and resin and are skilled at creating aged or distressed finishes on a variety of metal surfaces. Our team of artisans also has the ability to work in fiberglass to create novelty signs as well as sculpt and mold various types of reproductive works or fabricate new ones.

Company Bio

Ed Kroupa brings over a decade of experience to Two Ravens Studio. His fine art foundry experience includes being a master mold maker, sculptor, an expert at enlargements and all aspects of the lost wax casting process. Ed also has a professional background  in the creation of props, commercial displays and special effects for the entertainment industry. His work is prominently displayed in a number of international locations, including Disney theme parks. In addition to creating original artwork, Ed is skilled in a variety of technical production disciplines, including knowledge of fiberglass, vacuum forming, casting plaster and resins.

Katrina Toft comes from a freelance design and arts related business background. She has the energy and organizational skills needed to keep multiple projects aloft. Katrina is the company’s public liaison, as well as being responsible for administration and project development. She’s also in charge of social networking, marketing media, and financial and client management. Katrina provides a fine art perspective towards production and several years of gallery experience and art education. Her artwork has been shown nationally and she continually strives to expand her designing and artistic skills, which include sculpting and painting.