Dec 23 2016

2016, A Year In Review

2016 was a very busy year for us, with a variety of works and mediums, produced by fellow artists and staff. To learn more about the details of these projects check out our Facebook Two Ravens Studio page




Sep 7 2015

The Pour


Here our pour team is hard at work with one of our heavier pours, weighing in at 155 lbs! There are many steps to get to the metal pouring stage of a bronze sculpture. Check our our Bronze Process page on our website or click on this link to go to our Two Ravens Studio Facebook page and discover more about our projects completed in 2015.


Oct 3 2014

Metal Urge Event 2014



As part of Metal-Urge, Tacoma’s city-wide celebration of the metal arts, Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry is having a “Made In Metal” show. This group show features metal art ranging from cast metal sculptures to hand forged works and armory, inspired by the theme of “protection.” Check out our Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry Facebook page to see more images of the show and our guest artists’s works.

Jan 30 2014

The Guardian


Two Ravens Studio recently helped complete “The Guardian,” by artist Jim Stafford. This sculpture was commissioned by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office Association in honor of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. The sculpture was unveiled and dedicated on Jan 2014 in Chehalis, WA. Two Ravens Studio had the privilege of having  a brick placed in our name at the base of the sculpture. We are also working with Jim Stafford in 2014 on another memorial sculpture for Centralia College.


Oct 8 2013

Bronze Casting

cruciblefire copy

At Two Ravens Studio & Art Foundry we cast works of art by regional as well as international artists. The casting process requires the talents of several skilled artisans and we are lucky to have an excellent team in our metal shop. See more of the production process on our Facebook page

Mar 16 2013

CW Lonsdale


Shawnigan Lake is a private boarding school in B.C. Canada that was founded 1916. Pictured here is a maquette of the schools’s first headmaster, CW. Lonsdale, standing with his faithful canine companion. Artist Mardie Rees was commissioned by the school’s alumni to create a monument in honor of their beloved founder. Two Ravens Studio helped Mardi mold and cast this resin-bonded bronze small model version. The final heroic, 8ft version of the memorial is slated to be installed late September. Currently Two Ravens Studio is in the molding phase of production. To see the ongoing progress of this project, check out our Facebook album “CW Lonsdale Sculpture Process.”

Jan 12 2013

The Many Faces of Two Ravens



We have a amazing group of artisans at Two Ravens Studio. They are the backbone of  our company. Here are some beautiful patinas created by Steve, our metal foreman, for Tacoma’s Art At Work Studio Tour. The collaborative effort between the artist and our artisans help  elevate the sculpture to its full potential. While Two Ravens Studio is only open to the public during Tacoma’s Art At Work month, you can always call or email to arrange an appointment for a private tour.

Nov 2 2012

Vist Two Ravens On Facebook

See Two Ravens Studio’s most recent works. Click on photo above to go to our Facebook photo album page!

Apr 21 2011

“Father of Lynden”

Holden Judson was the town’s first mayor and postmaster. He and his wife Phoebe were instrumental to the town’s development and are even credited for having named the town. Their early adventures are recorded in Phoebe’s book,”A Pioneer’s Search for an Ideal Home: A Personal Memoir.” To honor their contributions, local residents and the descendants of the Judson family commissioned artist Robert McDermott to create a memorial sculpture of the couple. Robert has created several historical figures for public art over his career. Two Ravens Studio molded and cast the bust of  Phoebe and Holden. Funds are being raised for the creation of the life size figures by the Phoebe Judson Heritage Committee. Their goal is to have the sculpture prominently displayed in a city park at a future date.

Mar 25 2011


Two Ravens Studios recently cast an inverted octopus titled “Nocturne,” for artist Mark Calderon. The inspiration for this artwork evolved from a lifelong fascination with oceanic life forms and the ocean’s increasing number of endangered species. The juxtaposition of the wildly flailing arms and perfectly still head draws a perfect parallel to the delicate balance of the environment verse the impact of human manipulation of the natural world. In addition to creating this piece for a collector of his work, Mark Calderon recently created a three-foot cross to hang in the lobby of Seattle University. Two Ravens Studios was happy to help Mark complete this commissioned artwork with his signature black patina.