Dec 27 2010

“Life Size and Abstract”

Artist Joseph McDonnell is known for creating dramatic, captivating, modern forms. His “Pan” represents a contemporary version of the classic Greek god yet still retains a “goat-likeness.” This six foot sculpture was enlarged from its original size and now rests comfortably in a garden estate in the Pacific Northwest.

“The Bather” was also enlarged from a small-scale version. The artist wanted to build a figure around the concept of a non-existent spherical shape. The negative triangular spaces of the arms suggests a seated figure, slightly bent over, as if it is rinsing water from its head. This four foot “Bather” is currently enjoying the Florida sunshine at a private residence. Two Ravens Studio provided the full service casting for both life size works, “Pan” and “The Bather,” in record time and back to back.