Feb 17 2011

“Bearly Hanging On”

The single greatest threat to the survival of the polar bear is the rapid melting ice of the Arctic Ocean. Some 25,000 of these magnificent mammals can be found today across the Arctic region. However, up to 15,000 bears could be lost in the coming decades because of climate change. Artist Roy Peratrovich symbolically captures this looming fate with his depiction of a polar bear, struggling to hold onto a thinning floe of ice.

Roy Peratrovich Jr. is a retired civil engineer living on Bainbridge Island, WA. Roy’s bronze sculptures can be seen in Ancestral Spirits Gallery in Port Townsend, WA, or at his website ravenworksart.com. His heritage as an Alaskan native Tlingit, as well as his engineering background is reflected in his artwork. Two Ravens Studio created the mold, the casting, and the icy blue patina.